Volume 47, Number 6

June 2008



OECD guidance for official reports on plant protection products
Recognizing endocrine disruption the OECD way
OECD (Q)SAR Application Toolbox


REACH for the latest news …
… Initial limited scope for the REACH-IT software tool
… Workshop presentations
… Guidance documents
… Guidance fact sheets
SCHER opinions on draft risk assessment reports
EU committees adopt reports on dental amalgam
Cosying up to “CosIng” – a new COSmetic INGredients database from the EC
EFSA evaluates manganese, copper and zinc chelates as feed additives
Safety of diclazuril – EFSA gives opinion on another coccidiostat
EFSA assesses health risks from cross-contamination of animal feed by four coccidiostats
Bisphenol A gets EFSA attention
More food-contact materials evaluated by EFSA
New proposed uses of lycopene assessed by EFSA
Another taste of flavour for EFSA
Incomplete dossiers hamper EFSA’s assessment of some food supplements
ILSI monograph on functional foods
Toxtree in leaf


WATCH out for biological monitoring data on chlorobenzene
HSE – biocide and pesticide websites merged
COT May deliberations – an action-packed meeting
Revised FSA advice on food colours and hyperactivity
HSE research reports – what price beauty?
COM Statement on chemical mixtures


IRIS – draft EPA reviews on EGBE, cerium compounds, and beryllium and its compounds
NTP carcinogenicity studies on genistein and allyl bromide – lady rodents beware!
Draft ATSDR toxicological profiles under development
Two draft ATSDR chemical interaction profiles released for public comment
Proposed Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for 62 hazardous substances
Company submissions to EPA HPV Program
Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel announcements
Pesticide tolerance petitions filed with the EPA
EPA pesticide tolerances and health risk assessments
REDs and pesticide risk assessments issued by EPA
FDA GRAS status for methylsulphonylmethane and chymosin enzyme preparation


NICNAS – Full Public Reports on new chemicals
AIST risk assessments on DEHP and short-chain chlorinated paraffins
Reassessment of Dutch OELs
RIVM warns of possible chemical risks from house dust
APVMA assessment of pyroxsulam
Health Canada proposes a ban on bisphenol A in baby bottles
FSANZ considers MIR162 corn and iodine
More QSAR software assessed by RIVM


Di-isodecyl phthalate (DIDP) tested for carcinogenicity in rats
Toxic effects of perfluoroalkane acids explored – mice may not be immune
Ethylene glycol’s damaging relationship with kidneys
Airborne allergic contact dermatitis from 4-(bromomethyl)benzoic acid?
Pesticide use may be linked to diabetes
Respiratory toxicity of diacetyl in mice
A paraben paradox – reproductive toxicity in male rats?
Sulphite may preserve the wine but possibly not the genes
Live long and prosper … just don’t overdo the selenium
Boron may offer protection against lung cancer
Vitamin K and prostate cancer 

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