Volume 48, Number 6

June 2009

Updated Toxicity Profile on ethyl laurate


IARC verdicts on metals, arsenic, dusts, fibres and aristolochic acid
More back issues of IARC volumes available at a click
OECD – ‘draft final’ SIARs
WHO drinking water guidelines on beryllium and temephos
Melamine and its analogues assessed by WHO
JECFA meeting on veterinary drugs…
…and food additives
Further OECD guidance on chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity studies
OECD reviews fishy in vitro tests for endocrine disruption
International cooperation to reduce laboratory animal use


REACH for more guidance
…ECHA issues top tips for SIEF members
…Instructions for name changing
…Further functions added to REACH-IT
…Business rules, OK
…First co-ordinated REACH enforcement project
Draft biocide evaluations available from EC Environment
EFSA conclusions on more plant protection products
Draft assessment reports on pesticides published by EFSA
Safety of chromium methionine as a feed additive assessed by EFSA
EFSA evaluates nitrite in animal feed
Provisional Community list of additives for food-contact plastics
Marine biotoxins found in shellfish – EFSA reviews saxitoxins (STX)
EFSA assesses nicotine in mushrooms
Uranium in food and water comes under EFSA scrutiny
European Ramazzini Foundation (ERF) study – no change in EFSA opinion on aspartame
Cobalt(II) chloride hexahydrate as a cobalt source in food supplements – EFSA view
More tasty EFSA assessments covering woodsmoke…
…and various flavouring groups
GM maize approvals by EFSA
Irritating alternative tests endorsed by ECVAM
ECVAM launches ToxRTool


Environment Agency reports on soil contaminants
COT May deliberations
ACNFP April deliberations
COT Statement on glucosamine and liver toxicity
Cancer incidence near municipal solid waste incinerators – updated COC Statement


Draft EPA toxicological reviews on 1,4-dioxane and pentachlorophenol for IRIS
Further TSCA submissions notified to EPA
OEHHA reviews developmental and reproductive toxicity of bisphenol A (BPA)
Public health goals finalised by OEHHA for lead, oxamyl and pentachlorophenol
Tolerance petitions filed with EPA for a number of pesticide ingredients
EPA tolerance exemption established for the inert pesticide ingredient morpholine amide
FDA GRAS status of six food ingredients
EPA considers use of PBPK modelling in cumulative risk assessment of mixtures


NICNAS evaluates 1,4-butanediol
APVMA assessment of spirotetramat
FSANZ evaluates ethyl lauroyl arginate

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