Volume 50, Number 6

June 2011


OECD report on structural alerts for protein binding
Further databases included by OECD in eChemPortal


REACH for information
…RAC opinions on restrictions for dimethyl fumarate and lead
…Amendments to REACH Regulation
…Other REACH items of interest
Draft biocide evaluations from EC Environment on cybutryne and zineb
EFSA publishes draft assessment reports on isopyrazam and prochloraz
SCCS assessments of ingredients used in hair dyes and other cosmetic products
ECETOC-commissioned review on indoor pollutants and childhood asthma
Flavoursome EFSA opinions
Rev-7® – this chewing gum base will probably be sticking around following EFSA report
EFSA considers glycerol esters of tall oil rosin (GETOR)
Toxicity of lutein preparation evaluated by EFSA
EFSA provides health claim information
‘EMEA’ view on more herbal medicines
Draft EFSA opinion on genotoxicity testing in risk assessment process
JRC considers applicability of predictive methodology in safety assessments…
…and computational methods in food safety assessments
Progress report from AXLR8 Consortium on alternative testing strategies
‘Omics’ technology not yet predictive for chemical toxicology


COT Statement on methanol
ACNFP deliberations on chia seed and wheat bran extract


Draft IRIS reviews: EPA’s (non-cancer) toxicological assessment of methanol…
…and NRC view on EPA’s formaldehyde assessment
NIOSH recommends occupational exposure limits for titanium dioxide…
…and coal mine dust
NIOSH finalises skin notation profile for bisphenol A (BPA)
Blue eyes get green light – FDA approval for Reactive Blue 69
FDA GRAS status: high-selenium yeast and EPA-rich oil


HBROEL proposed for carbon disulphide by DECOS
RIVM defines Human Limit Value (HLV) for BDE-47 (2,2′,4,4′-tetrabromodiphenyl ether)
RIVM evaluates hazards of hexavalent chromium wood-treatment

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