IARC verdicts on chemical substances
Proposed update of ICH guidance on carcinogenicity testing
Adverse outcome pathways (AOPs) for skin sensitisation considered by OECD
Fish consumption evaluated by FAO/WHO


…ECHA assessment of di-isononyl (DINP) and di-isodecyl phthalate (DIDP)
…More proposals for harmonised classification and labelling
…RIVM reports on prioritisation in REACH and CLP
…RIVM methodology for use in socio-economic analysis (SEA)
…Other items of interest
Human health risk assessment covered by SCENIHR
Results available from ECVAM conference on developmental neurotoxicity testing
EFSA assesses risks of stigmasterol-rich plant sterols
EFSA assessment of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)-rich oils as novel food ingredients
EFSA re-evaluation of vegetable carbon as a food additive
EFSA draft assessment reports on pesticide actives
EFSA guidance on assessing dermal absorption of pesticides
Four biocides evaluated by EC Environment
‘EMEA’ releases draft herbal monographs
Human health effects of MCCPs evaluated by JRC
Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) toxicity reviews from SCOEL
BfR considers heavy metals in toys
BfR considers nicotinic acid supplements a cause for concern
Electronic cigarettes – health effects evaluated by BfR
Alternative methods for developmental toxicity testing described by RIVM
RIVM assesses juvenile toxicity testing
RIVM investigates peanut allergy
Dutch Health Council considers a register for nanomaterials
Draft report on reproductive toxicity of indium and its compounds
ANSES evaluates the health effects of talc
Growth factors in milk evaluated by ANSES
Adjuvant effects of Cry proteins reviewed by VKM


COT May deliberations
COM statement on chlorophenols
COM to discuss cell transformation assays at its June meeting
COM statement on nanomaterials
COM statement on impurities
ACNFP news
A combined in vivo genotoxicity test


Final NTP report on toxicology and carcinogenesis studies of senna
OEHHA proposes maximum allowable dose levels (MADLs) for methanol and chloroform


Petroleum sector chemicals – draft assessments from Canada
Health Canada reconsiders long-chain chlorinated paraffins (LCCPs)
Di-isononyl phthalate (DINP) evaluated by NICNAS
TGA evaluates toxicity of chemicals
APVMA summary of propylene oxide
Hydrogen peroxide assessed by FSANZ


Report on pesticide common assessment groups (CAGs) submitted to EFSA

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