IARC verdicts on bitumens and some polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)


…ECHA guidance on read-across
…Harmonised classification and labelling proposals for pesticides and boron compounds
…Call for data on etridiazole’s reproductive toxicity and carcinogenicity
…Other items of interest
European Commission predicts changes in human health risk assessment
Toxtree updated
3T3 neutral red uptake (3T3 NRU) cytotoxicity assay – EURL ECVAM recommendation
Dutch proposal for an alternative to the long-term carcinogenicity test
EFSA adequate intakes for molybdenum and fluoride
EFSA reconsiders phenol toxicity
E 163 (anthocyanins) re-evaluated as a food additive by EFSA
EFSA assessment of stearoyl-2-lactylate salts
EFSA considers genotoxic potential of two flavourings
EFSA evaluates food flavourings for use in animal feed
EFSA assessments of three animal feed additives
EFSA releases more draft assessment reports (DARs) on pesticides
More conclusions on pesticides from EFSA
Biocide report on hydrochloric acid from EC Environment
2-Butenal and diphenyl ether reviewed by SCOEL
EMA evaluates the use of phthalates and parabens as pharmaceutical excipients
Community herbal monograph from EMA
Danish evaluation of undesirable substances
DECOS evaluates β-estradiol, polyvinyl chloride, bisphenol A diglycidyl ether and benzene
French agency evaluates health risks of bisphenol family
Swedish assessment of cadmium


Committee on Toxicity May meeting


EPA (IRIS) review of the non-cancer toxicity of methanol
NIOSH recommends new occupational exposure limit for carbon nanomaterials
US consortium publishes harmonised data on nanomaterials
New AEGLs for seven airborne chemicals published by NRC
Draft Texan development support documents (DSDs) for three air contaminants
FDA GRAS status for sugar beet fibre

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