Volume 47, Number 3

March 2008



JMPR pesticide monographs


Guidance now REACHes downstream
EU draft risk assessment report on chlorine
SCHER’s opinions on draft risk assessment reports
SCCP deliberations …
… on hair dyes
… on consumer self-testing for sensitization to hair dyes
… on hydrogen peroxide in oral hygiene and tooth whitening products
… and on nitrosamines in rubber balloons
EU Committees consider dental amalgam
EFSA assesses genotoxicity and carcinogenicity of buprofezin
Draft assessment reports on eight pesticides announced by EFSA
Plant protection products – further EFSA conclusions
EFSA data requirements for the cumulative risk assessment of pesticides
Draft evaluation on N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide (DEET) prepared for EC Environment
Tritosulfuron metabolite assessed by EFSA
Glucosinolates in animal feed – EFSA considers consumer safety
GM feed additive approved by EFSA
EFSA assesses human health risks of coccidiostat cross-contamination of animal feed
Isoprene is not EFSA’s flavour of the month
Okadaic acid and analogues in shellfish assessed by EFSA
SCCP concern about the EPISKIN™ assay
EFSA names AFC successors


Acrylamide genotoxicity under the COM microscope again
COT February deliberations
COM considers mixed-up mutagens
Folic acid and colorectal cancer risk discussed by SACN expert group
ACNFP to consider extending food uses of microalgal oil rich in docosahexaenoic acid
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) in food – draft COT statement


IRIS draft toxicological review for chlordecone
Draft NTP technical reports released
Submissions to the EPA HPV Program
CIR final reports on diglycerides, castor oil, hexamidine and propyl gallate
Pesticide tolerance petitions filed with the EPA
Pesticide tolerances determined by the EPA for clothianidin and mandipropamid
Pesticide risk assessments issued by EPA for RED development
EPA – pesticide science reviews available under Freedom of Information Act
Final OEHHA public health goal (PHG) for copper in drinking water
FDA GRAS status for citroglycerides and phosphatidylserine
FDA databases – direct and indirect food additives


New BUA Supplementary Reports
NICNAS – Full Public Reports on new chemicals
FSANZ safety assessment on lutein
RIVM evaluates testing strategies


Reproductive/developmental studies on a surfactant, rubber accelerator and emulsifier
Chlorfenvinphos may stress the brain
Genotoxicity of imidazolinone herbicides tested the SMART way
Flour mill workers may father fewer boys
Eugenol and respiratory allergy
Allergenic potency of linalyl acetate goes up in the air
Maternal smoking and offspring cholesterol
Temporary TDI on nivalenol may need revisiting
Rat kidneys get madder
Breast cancer in mice – Avlimil may have adverse effect
Heart-felt effects of calcium supplementation?
Rats tolerated coenzyme Q10 in 90-day study
Reduced form of coenzyme Q10, ubiquinol, inactive in genotoxicity tests
Exercise caution with vitamin C …
… although it may be linked with reduced stroke risk
Kind-hearted plant sterols?
Health food mushroom (Agaricus blazei) tested for carcinogenicity in rats
Mushrooms and breast cancer
Soy infant formula may affect breast tissue in early life
Legumes may protect against diabetes
Bad news for chocoholics?
Maternal caffeine consumption linked with undescended testes in young boys
Caffeine and ovarian cancer
Post-marketing monitoring the safety of novel foods

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