Volume 49, Number 3

March 2010


WHO Risk Assessment Toolkit 


Everything is well in REACH at bibra’s new premises
…ECHA proudly announces the arrival of IUCLID 5.2
…Draft guidance documents published
…Annex IV review
More guidance on ECETOC Targeted Risk Assessment
More proposals for harmonised Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP)
Latest RAC opinions – ECHA Committee in agreement on three harmonised classifications
Draft biocide evaluations on margosa and bifenthrin available from EC Environment
EFSA conclusions on three plant protection products
Draft assessment reports on several pesticides published by EFSA
SCCS assessments of ingredients used in cosmetics
EFSA assessment of resorcinol as a food additive
Ferric sodium EDTA evaluated by EFSA
ILSI debates margin of exposure (MoE) approach to genotoxic carcinogens in food
Alternative methods for testing the safety of cosmetics – SCCS provides update


COT discusses methanol, endocrine disrupting mixtures and compost
ACNFP February deliberations


IRIS draft toxicological review issued by EPA for methanol
EPA issues final ISA for carbon monoxide and primary NAAQS for nitrogen dioxide
Further TSCA submissions notified to EPA by industry
NTP CERHR finalises reassessment of soy formula and human development


DECOS HBROELs for methanol and cyclic acid anhydrides
Screening assessments from Health Canada and Environment Canada
Setting air quality standards NEPC-style
RIVM considers how to identify sensitized workers at the preclinical stage
Alternative toxicity test methods – RIVM sets its sights lower
RIVM considers chemical exposures from multiple sources

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