Volume 50, Number 3

March 2011


JMPR report on 2010 pesticides meeting…
…and JMPR toxicological monographs from 2008 meeting
WHO produces risk assessment toolkit
Micronucleus test – its use for advancing our understanding of genotoxic mechanisms


REACHing for the new bibra website
…ECHA practical guide on evaluation
…Other REACH items of interest
ECETOC discusses information technologies to support read-across in risk assessment
Biocide evaluations available from EC Environment
EFSA publishes more draft assessment reports on pesticides
Conclusions on plant protection products from EFSA
EFSA re-evaluates current tolerable weekly intake (TWI) on cadmium
Flavouring evaluations – EFSA lists representative substances for additional toxicity data
EFSA re-evaluates erythrosine as a food colour
‘EMEA’ issues monographs and public statements on herbal medicines
Nanoscience applied to food and feed – EFSA provides draft guidance on risk assessment
BMD approaches in risk assessment – EFSA workshop


COT considers FSA-funded research on pesticides mixtures…
…and phytoestrogens
Applicants cock-a-hoop over rooster comb extract? Dossier submission to ACNFP


Finalised NTP reports on TCAB and β-myrcene carcinogenicity studies in rats and mice
NTP report finalised on estragole toxicity studies in rats and mice
NSF assessments on paratert-butylphenol, ortho-toluidine and tetramethylsuccinonitrile
OEHHA proposes RELs for caprolactam
Public health goals (PHGs) considered by OEHHA for perchlorate and styrene
CIR safety assessments published on several cosmetic ingredients
FDA GRAS: quercetin, L-theanine, polyglutamic acid, oat hull fibre and carboxypeptidase


DECOS proposes HBROELs for 1,4-dioxane…
KEMI raises concern over cadmium
Draft screening assessments from Health Canada and Environment Canada for batch 12…
…and final assessment reports for batch 10 chemicals
Environment Canada and Health Canada evaluate petroleum sector chemicals
Danish EPA assesses risks of car care
ANSES report on health effects of combined exposures to DEET and insecticides
Prodiamine evaluated by APVMA
Japanese uncertainty factors for TDIs
Recent inspiration on inhalation TTCs (thresholds of toxicological concern)

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