Volume 51, Numbers 3

March 2012



IARC reassesses personal habits and indoor combustions…
… and various chemical and occupational exposures
Full report of JMPR’s 2011 meeting released
JECFA issues summary and conclusions on veterinary drug residues
OECD revises alkyl chlorosilanes SIAP
Revised OECD draft Test Guideline for in vitro analysis of eye irritants/corrosives
Draft report from WHO on life stages for risk assessment


…Five proposals for harmonised classification and labelling
…Classification & Labelling (C&L) Inventory Database
…OECD Test Guideline 443 – a new option for reproductive toxicity under REACH
…Eight chemicals added to the list of substances subject to authorisation
…New substances added to Annex XVII of the REACH regulation
…Other items of interest
Risk assessment of food and feed from GM animals – guidance from EFSA
EFSA issues guidance on feed additives
EFSA evaluation of stabiliser for food contact materials
More flavouring group evaluations from EFSA
EFSA gives its conclusions on more plant protection products
Draft assessment report on silver thiosulphate published by EFSA
Mixtures of chemicals with dissimilar modes of action – report submitted to EFSA
Toxicity of mixtures assessed by SCHER, SCENIHR and SCCS
Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) goes live
TTC approach assessed for cosmetics ingredients
PIP silicone reviewed by SCENIHR
ECETOC publication on linear polydimethylsiloxanes (PDMSs)
‘EMEA’ gives guidance on pharmacological ADIs for veterinary medicine residues in food
‘EMEA’ releases final Community herbal monographs
JRC reports on risk assessment and regulations of nanomaterials
SCOEL releases more OEL toxicity reviews
Norway and the Netherlands joint review of aluminium and its compounds
Chloramphenicol – reproductive toxicity in workers
Systemic risk assessment of occupational dermal exposure – RIVM provides guidance
RIVM evaluates risk factors for respiratory allergy
VKM insecticide assessments


SACN Framework document
SACN discusses iodine and health
ACNFP February deliberations


EPA issues final IRIS reviews on PERC and tetrahydrofuran, and a new dioxin summary
Four ATSDR toxicological profile updates
ITER risk values for di-n-octyltin, tributyltin oxide, triphenyltin and trichloroacetic acid
ACGIH board ratifies 2012 TLVs and BEIs for industrial chemicals
FDA GRAS status for several ingredients
ICCVAM recommends BG1Luc ER TA screening test to identify endocrine disruptors
ToxCast™ lacks power to predict potency and key target effects

Health Canada reviews decabromodiphenyl ether (decaBDE)
IRSST reviews talc containing tremolite
FSANZ evaluates genetically modified corn and soybean
Public report on zinc lactate released by NICNAS
Omethoate evaluated by APVMA
Australian methodology for air quality standards

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