… New batch of substances recommended for inclusion in ECHA’s authorisation list
… Applications for authorisation               
… Proposals for harmonised classification and labelling
… Updated guidance on the preparation of Annex XV dossiers for the identification of SVHCs
… RAC opinion on lead in consumer articles
… Other items of interest
Biocial Products Regulation
… Public consultations on biocidal active substances
JRC report on toxicity pathways
Overview of German work on nanomaterials
RIVM considers nanoparticles and autoimmune disease
RIVM reports on age, DNA damage and carcinogenicity
Bisphenol A – EFSA verdict on risk from its presence in food
EFSA opinions on iodine and niacin in the diet
EFSA revises its ADI for β-apo-8’-carotenal
EFSA assesses genetically modified soybean
EFSA assessments of animal feed additives
EFSA draft assessment reports (DARs) on pesticide
More pesticide conclusions from EFS
Danish EPA reports on environmental chemicals
Danish evaluation of undesirable substance
Several biocides evaluated by EC Environment
DECOS evaluates fungal α-amylase, 5-nitroacenaphthene and penicillamine
Herbal product assessments from EMA
Preliminary SCENIHR opinion on BPA in medical devices
French evaluation of drinking water pesticides – alachlor and metolachlor metabolites
BfR re-evaluation of glyphosate
VKM opinion on bixafen metabolite 3-(difluoromethyl)-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxylic acid (M44)


February meeting of the UK ACNFP
COT February meeting



RELs proposed by OEHHA for benzene
Institute of Medicine reviews safety of caffeine


Canadian assessments of four environmental chemicals
Solvents in drinking water assessed by Health Canada
APVMA preliminary review of molinate

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