Volume 48, Number 5

May 2009


OECD – ‘draft final’ SIARs
JMPR pesticide monographs
Hard drinking water report from WHO – can calcium and magnesium help?


More chemicals within REACH
…Updated list of pre-registered substances
…New webpage on socio-economic analysis
…IUCLID provides support for Chemical Safety Report preparation
…Workshop report on authorisation
EFSA conclusions on plant protection products
More EFSA evaluations of food-contact materials
Ractopamine ADI fails EFSA scrutiny
Chicken feed – guanidinoacetic acid receives EFSA OK
Safety of dimethyl ether in meat processing is assessed by EFSA
EFSA lowers tolerable intake level for cadmium in food
EFSA is brimming with flavour this month
…A taste of outdoor eating
…Group flavouring evaluations
…Updated list of FGE 19 substances for genotoxicity testing
EFSA assesses safety of noni fruit, chia seeds and alfalfa protein in the diet
GM maize – EFSA approval
Draft EFSA guidelines for safety evaluation of food enzymes
Four new publications from ECETOC


COT April deliberations


Final NTP report of bromochloroacetic acid carcinogenicity studies
NTP RoC – background documents on cobalt-tungsten carbide and glass wool fibres
Reference doses for phthalates
Tolerance exemption petitions filed with EPA for several inert pesticide ingredients
More pesticide tolerance announcements from EPA
EPA issues Reregistration Eligibility Decisions for three more pesticides
Registration Reviews – more EPA activity on pesticide ingredients
110th meeting of Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel
EPA strategic plan for evaluating the toxicity of chemicals
Risk assessment strategy for genotoxic metabolites in humans


RIVM concern over loophole in REACH guidelines for non-genotoxic carcinogens
MAK Value Documentations
RIVM team discusses whether fuel additive combustion poses health problems
KEMI – concerns remain about decabromodiphenyl ether
Child’s play should be counted in elemental tolerable daily intake – RIVM report
FSANZ evaluates safety of GM soybean 

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