…Eight SVHCs added to ECHA’s authorisation list
…Proposed restriction of lead and its compounds in consumer articles
…Proposals for the harmonised classification and labelling of two compounds
…Draft Swedish proposal for nanomaterial regulation under REACH
…Other items of interest
Endocrine disruption – European perspectives
ECETOC report on the human health assessment of dermal exposure
EFSA guidance on pharmacologically active substances in animal products
EFSA draft assessment report (DAR) on 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D)
More conclusions on pesticides from EFSA
EFSA re-evaluates the safety of microcrystalline wax
Genetically modified maize assessed by EFSA
More flavouring group evaluations from EFSA
EFSA considers food flavourings for use in animal feed
More animal feed additives assessed by EFSA
Community herbal monographs from EMA
SCCS opinion on MBBT in cosmetics
Norwegian risk assessment of aluminium
MAK Value Documentations
Reproductive toxicity of theophylline, triamcinolone and triamcinolone acetonide


Health-based guidance values discussed in UK HSE report submitted to EFSA
Committee on Carcinogenicity May meeting


US NTP final toxicology and carcinogenesis report on Ginkgo biloba extract
Final ATSDR toxicological profile for uranium
Outcome of the 126th meeting of the CIR Expert Panel
ACGIH occupational exposure values
Draft EPA human health and ecological risk assessments for six pesticides


APVMA review of bistrifluron

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