IARC assesses carcinogenicity of organophosphate pesticides



Classification and Labelling

…‘Act Now!’ on CLP

…Proposals for the harmonised classification and labelling of nicotine, three cadmium salts and one herbicide

…Opinions from RAC on the harmonised classification and labelling of six chemicals



…Proposal for the restriction of methanol considered by ECHA

…RAC deliberations on the restriction of ammonium salts and bisphenol A (BPA)

…Trichloroethylene authorisation subject to RAC opinions

…Dose-response relationships and health guidance values for SVHCs

…Adoption of the Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) for 2015-2017

…Other items of interest

Biocidal Products Regulation

…ECHA releases update to its SPC editor

…Revised working procedure for biocidal active substances

…Updated guidance on the environmental assessment of biocides

…Guidance on biocide efficacy assessment

…List of pending Article 95 applications published by ECHA

Toxtree updated

Report submitted to EFSA on developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) testing

Three revised EFSA flavouring group evaluations

EFSA assessment of zinc oxide nanoparticles used in food-contact materials

Various animal feed additives considered by EFSA

EFSA releases draft assessment reports (DARs) on the pesticides fenamidone and oxathiapiproline…

…And provides its conclusions on benzovindiflupyr and iprovalicarb

Herbal product assessments from EMA

SCCS opinions on β-arbutin and nanoform MBBT in cosmetics

Acute hazards of nicotine subject to ANSES assessment

BfR releases a communication on glyphosate’s carcinogenicity



COT statements on PBDEs and HBCDDs



New AEGLs for several airborne chemicals published by NRC (volume 19)

TCEQ issues three new development support documents (DSDs)

FDA accepts GRAS status for two more food ingredients

US EPA finalises risk assessment of N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP)



Canadian agencies release screening assessments on environmental chemicals

NICNAS reports on six industrial chemicals

Health criteria values for the fungicide fluopyram derived by APVMA

Canadian pesticide decision on momfluorothrin


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