Volume 45, Number 11

November 2006 



CICAD on resorcinol
IARC verdicts on PAHs, ingested nitrates/nitrites and cyanobacterial toxins
UNEP POPs programme
WHO Air quality guidelines
OECD draft guidelines and supporting documents on tests for endocrine disrupters


REACH workshop presentations
EFSA food-contact assessments


COM October deliberations
COT comment on WHO re-evaluation of TEFs for dioxin and dioxin-like compounds
ACNFP approval sought on lentinan extract from shiitake mushrooms
Marine biotoxins – assessment by COT


ATSDR chemical interaction profiles
EPA NCEA draft evaluation of the carcinogenicity of ethylene oxide
Air quality criteria document for lead finalised by EPA NCEA
High levels of benzene, 1,3-butadiene, formaldehyde and diesel PM in Houston air
CERHR consider DEHP’s reproductive and developmental toxicity
Pesticide petitions filed with the EPA
EPA pesticide tolerances
EPA Reregistration Eligibility Decisions
FDA GRAS status for two oils
Qualified health claim for unsaturated fatty acids from canola oil considered by FDA
EPA draft child-specific exposure factors handbook


Canadian State of the Science Report on PFOS
CCME water and/or soil quality guidelines for diisopropanolamine, sulfolane and uranium


Long-term toxicity and carcinogenicity of para-chloronitrobenzene
cis-2-Pentenenitrile tested for reproductive and neurobehavioural toxicity in rats
Manganese in health and disease
Indoor VOCs and cognitive impairment
Allergy to rennet in factory workers
Rats! A poor model for pyrethroid metabolism in humans?
Low-level insecticide exposure and thyroid function
Polychlorinated biphenyls and prostate cancer
DNA damage reported in ovary cells exposed to PCB3
Low blood lead levels and mortality risk
Should the blood lead action level be lowered?
Permanent hair dyes and bladder cancer risk
DEHP and testosterone metabolism
Patulin appears to be a direct acting mutagen
Aspartame in beverages not linked with cancer of the brain or blood?
Salty food, mountain herbs and stomach cancer
Study fails to link bladder cancer and nitrate intake
Myo-inositol may help prevent lung cancer
Safety evaluation of α-lipoic acid
Garlic constituent S-allyl-L-cysteine protects against stroke in rats
Vitamin D may reduce pancreatic cancer risk
Vitamin E supplements and mortality in cancer patients
Unconfirmed role for soy constituents in protecting against heart disease
… and breast cancer
Flavonoids may differ in their ability to protect against colorectal cancer
Synthetic functional oil lowered blood cholesterol in mice
Heart disease – are all trans-fatty acids bad guys?
Heart disease risk factors and n-3 PUFA
Ingested prebiotic oligosaccharides may reduce atopic dermatitis in infants
Lignans and uterine fibroids
Fibre in the maternal diet may affect breast cancer risk in offspring
Reduction of tomato allergenic potential by genetic modification
Conception may take longer in tea drinkers
Live long (and prosper) on green tea?
Coffee and stomach cancer
Saw palmetto supplementation and prostate cancer risk
Papaya seeds – a safe male contraceptive in rats?
Genotoxicity of Salacia oblonga root extract
Fishing for kidney cancer protection?

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