Volume 49, Number 11

November 2010


WHO guidance for risk assessment of chemicals in food
OECD issues test guideline on toxicokinetics…
…guidance document on Hershberger bioassay…
…and review of fishy in vitro tests for endocrine disruption
Nanomaterials update by OECD


REACH labours bearing fruit
…Proposal for REACH restriction of five phenylmercury compounds
…Harmonised classification and labelling proposed for coal tar pitch
…ECHA to review guidance on substance identity
…Experts’ workshop on dealing with uncertainty of non-test methods
…Other REACH documents of interest
Draft biocide evaluations from EC Environment
EFSA publishes draft assessment reports on bifenthrin and fluquinconazole
More EFSA conclusions on plant protection products
No change in EFSA’s overall view on bisphenol A (BPA)
SCCS assessments of ingredients used in hair dyes
EFSA evaluates Novelose® 480HA
Group flavouring evaluations from EFSA


COT Statement on landfill sites and birth outcome
SACN Statement on hard water and heart disease
Novel food ingredient application – ACNFP considers γ-cyclodextrin
COM October meeting


IRIS toxicological reviews from EPA on urea and hydrogen cyanide (and cyanide salts)
NTP Technical Report finalised for goldenseal root powder (GRP)
Development of ATSDR draft Toxicological Profiles for toxaphene and trichlorobenzenes
NSF assessment on 1,2-epoxybutane
NRC comments on previously established AEGLs
116th meeting of Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel
EPA releases registration review documents for several (bio)pesticide ingredients
FDA GRAS status for olestra, amorphous silica and canola protein isolate
New versions of FDA databases issued on direct and ‘indirect’ food additives
ICCVAM test method recommendations for assessing eye irritation


BPA’s effects on neurological development and behaviour – studies assessed by BfR…
…and other reviewers
Screening assessments from Health Canada and Environment Canada
NEPC reviews air quality standards for various pollutants
Health Canada assesses health risks of dichloromethane in drinking water
ADIs and drinking water guide values from BfR for pesticides
APVMA assessment of S-abscisic acid
FSANZ – risk assessment for Advantame
BfR assesses safety of cholesterol oxidation products

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