Volume 50, Number 11

November 2011


Further IARC investigations on alcohol intake and cancer
Draft CICAD on chromium(VI) produced by IPCS
OECD assesses the impacts of chemical exposure
Bioaccumulation of short-chain methacrylates: an OECD case study
OECD issues draft Test Guidelines for the in vitro analysis of endocrine disruptors
SIAM findings released by OECD
VICH classifies residual solvents 


…Draft amendments to Annexes XIV and XVII
…Proposals for harmonised classification and labelling
…REACH restriction proposal for four phthalates
…Seven opinions adopted by ECHA’s Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC)
…Other items of interest
EC developments on endocrine disruption
EFSA opinion on BHA
EFSA evaluates calcium L-ascorbate, containing threonate and a furanone derivative
Flavouring group evaluations issued by EFSA
Biogenic amines assessed by EFSA
EFSA considers dioctadecyl disulphide
EFSA evaluates choline chloride
Significant findings from EFSA
Community herbal monographs from ‘EMEA’
SCCS assessments of hair dye ingredients
2-AAF and hexachlorophene – final reports on reproductive toxicity
Skin sensitization testing – how reliable is the LLNA?
In defence of the LLNA


SACN considers selenium and health


EPA issues two draft and three final IRIS toxicological reviews
NTP studies on BCM, pulegone, 1-bromopropane and ginseng finalised
Draft NTP monograph on the health effects of low-level lead exposure
ITER risk values for nickel and compounds
Six new Development Support Documents from TCEQ
NSRL derived by OEHHA for imazalil
FDA GRAS status for various ingredients


N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in drinking water evaluated by Health Canada
AIST evaluates the toxicity of nanomaterials
NICNAS presents a report on nanomaterials…
…and reviews consumer chemicals
Pyroxasulfone assessed by APVMA
Carcinogen risk assessment – a new approach from RIVM
Shanghai Institute – research on nutrition-related diseases

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