Risk of chemicals to children’s health – an OECD-wide survey
OECD updates test guidelines


… Harmonised classification and labelling proposals for fluopyram and glutaraldehyde
… ECHA’s Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) adopts opinions on six chemicals
… Proposed restriction of N-methylpyrrolidone, nonylphenol and nonylphenol ethoxylates
… Other items of interest
Biocidal Products Regulation
… Biocidal Products Committee (BPC) ready for business
Dutch guideline for determining occupational cancer risk values
Four alternative test protocols from ECVAM
‘Omics technologies reviewed at ECETOC workshop
… and for EFSA
EFSA evaluates (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid, glucosamine salt (5MTHF-glucosamine)
EFSA assesses genetically modified soybean and maize
EFSA opinions on feed additives
Deccox® reviewed by EFSA
EFSA draft assessment reports (DARs) on pesticides
More EFSA conclusions on pesticides
Opinions on cosmetics ingredients from SCCS
SCHER opinion on mercury in dental amalgam
Danish study on nanomaterials
Danish evaluation of ten substances
Norwegian risk assessment of genetically modified oilseed rape


Committee on Toxicity October meeting



Final IRIS toxicological review of 1,4-dioxane from EPA
New AEGLs for several airborne chemicals published by NRC
Draft updated EPA human health and ecological risk assessments for three pesticides
Outcome of the 128th meeting of the CIR Expert Panel
California EPA publishes evidence on the carcinogenicity of two phthalates

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