Volume 45, Number 10

October 2006 



OECD Screening Information Data Sets (SIDS) and SIDS Initial Assessment Reports (SIARs)
CICAD on heptachlor
WHO reviews risks of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in drinking water
OECD review of (Q)SAR models
Support for updating OECD test guideline 407 to detect endocrine modulators


Are you within REACH?
EC draft proposal for a GHS Regulation
ECETOC report on the safety of nanomaterials
EC report on detergents and their ingredients
EFSA assesses carbofuran
Commission guidance on biocide submissions
EC Community Register of Feed Additives
Noni juice gets the nod from EFSA


Effects of chemicals on the male reproductive system discussed by COT
COT asked by MHRA to consider the toxicity of nanoparticles
Health effects of common air pollutants considered in Defra document
COT comment sought on WHO re-evaluation of TEFs for dioxin and dioxin-like compounds
ACNFP considers several novel food ingredients


EPA IRIS external peer review summary of dibutyl phthalate health assessment
Revised OEHHA list of Proposition 65 safe harbor levels
OEHHA reconsiders vinclozolin as a known carcinogen
CIR safety assessments and re-reviews
Pesticide petitions filed with the EPA
EPA pesticide tolerances
EPA pesticide risk assessments
FDA guidance for estimating dietary intake values
NCEA application of PBPK models


BfR investigate whether humans have the capacity to convert styrene to styrene oxide
Danish EPA risk assessments
IRSST review of health effects of nanoparticles
FSANZ safety assessments


ortho-Chloronitrobenzene causes liver and kidney tumours in rodents
Trichloroethylene – human risk assessment
Multiple exposure routes – chloroform shows synergistic toxicity
Latex allergy and health care workers
Pesticides and Parkinson’s disease link strengthened
Herbicide safety assessment
Locust wood dust causes occupational asthma
Occupational asthma linked to dried safflower and yarrow flowers
Inhaled DEHP and female reproductive function
Monocyclic aromatic amines form DNA adducts in mice
In vitro genotoxicity of para-phenylenediamine but not its metabolites
Passive smoking issues… miscarriage
… death in non-smokers
… and exacerbation of allergic responses
Californians at carcinogenic risk from hexavalent chromium in drinking water?
Deoxynivalenol damages human DNA at biologically relevant concentrations
Ponceau 4R affects learning ability in young male mice
Bamboo leaf extract showed no developmental toxicity in a rat study
Typical phosphorus intakes may adversely affect bone health
Copper, fat and cognitive function
Iron and sugar may contribute to heart disease risk
Coffee may increase immediate likelihood of a heart attack
Apple allergens associated with different clinical symptoms?
Noni juice and liver damage
Remember to drink the juice!
Grape seed extract and possible kidney toxicity
Grape seed oligomers protect against bromate toxicity in rats
The hunt for causes of oesophageal cancer – pick a food, any food
Fruit and oral premalignant lesions
Intake of certain foods can modify risk of recurring skin cancer
PhIP-DNA adducts in the human pancreas may be related to pancreatic cancer
Genotoxic carcinogens – risk assessment approaches
Muta™Mouse can discriminate between carcinogens and non-carcinogenic analogues
The value of in vitro genotoxicity tests for predicting mammalian carcinogenicity
Physiological effects of drug solvents in rats

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