Volume 46, Number 10

October 2007 



OECD Screening Information Data Sets
Proposal to list endosulfan under the UNEP POPs programme
Updated OECD inventory of PFOS and related compounds
IPCS seeks to harmonize mutagenicity testing strategies


More pesticide assessments from EFSA
Draft EFSA risk assessment reports on nine pesticides
Data still appear insufficient for EFSA to assess the risks of furan in food
alpha-Cyclodextrin gets the EFSA OK as a novel food ingredient
EFSA clarifies the allergic potential of fining agents in wine and beer
Proposed change in structure of EFSA food panel
ECVAM workshop on alternative testing methods for effects in early pregnancy


Organophosphates and human health – COT discusses project progress
COT and FSA consider study on food additives and hyperactivity in children
Evident toxicity in acute tests – COT discusses draft OECD guidelines 


IRIS draft toxicological review for tetrahydrofuran issued by EPA
Submissions to the EPA HPV Program
Air pollutants – EPA considers nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide
OEHHA identifies chemicals for further consideration under Proposition 65
Draft OEHHA public health goal for molinate in drinking water
Pesticide tolerance petitions filed with the EPA
Several pesticide tolerance announcements issued by the EPA
EPA RED for sodium carbonate
EPA pesticide Registration Review for etofenprox, fenoxaprop-P-ethyl and zinc borate
FDA databases – direct and indirect food additives


Tetra-, penta- and hexa-bromodiphenyl ethers assessed by NICNAS
APVMA assessment of dichlorprop-P


Toxicity studies on diisopropanolamine
Perfluorooctanoate (PFOA), serum lipids and liver enzymes
Developmental toxicity of triphenyltin
Eye and airway symptoms linked to low levels of toluene diisocyanate (TDI)
Thermoplastic microspheres caused lung effects in rats
Carbon black nanoparticles may promote clogging of the arteries
Biodiesel sir, canola, soy or fish oil flavour?
Allergic contact dermatitis … florist on the scent of violet synthetic oil
Isoeugenol sensitivity continues to rise despite efforts to reduce exposure
Tolerable Daily Intake for N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA)
Food additives and children’s behaviour
Safety of Salacia oblonga extract reported in 90-day study
Selenium supplements may be linked with diabetes
… while antioxidant supplements may increase the risk of skin cancer in women
Dietary choline and betaine – protective effects rather elusive
Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and blood pressure
Fishy diets during pregnancy may result in smaller babies
Allergy to grape hyacinth
Sugary drinks and snacks possibly not so sweet on the uric acid front
Genetically modified cottonseed meal tested in 90-day study
NTP workshop on testing for reproductive tumours
Risk assessment of air toxics – no worries (probably)
SOT workshops on risk assessment of mixtures
Testing for skin sensitization – LLNA rules

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