Volume 49, Number 10

October 2010


IARC verdicts on nitrate/nitrite and cyanobacterial toxins
More definitive IARC carcinogenicity classifications sought for selected chemicals
Further OECD test guidelines issued


Autumn within REACH?
…Proposals for harmonised classification and labelling
…Tris[2-chloro-1-(chloromethyl)ethyl] phosphate – harmonised classification proposal
…ECHA consults on substances of very high concern
…IUCLID 5.2.2 is available to download
…Other REACH documents of interest
Draft biocide evaluations from EC Environment
Preliminary re-assessment report on carbendazim published by EFSA
EFSA conclusions on more plant protection products
JRC joins debate on bisphenol A and baby feeding bottles
Curcumin re-evaluation by EFSA
‘EMEA’ assesses safety of cinnamon bark, bearberry leaf and valerian root/hop strobiles as herbal medicines


COT September deliberations
COC Statement on mixtures of chemical carcinogens
ACNFP – larch wood extract…
…and chilli discussions


IRIS toxicological review finalised by EPA on 1,4-dioxane
ATSDR draft profile for RDX
NTP Technical Reports finalised for chromium picolinate and ethinyl estradiol
Carcinogenicity of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) – OEHHA finalises review
OEHHA proposes maximum allowable dose level (MADL) for chromium(VI)
Public health goals (PHGs) proposed by OEHHA for BaP and TCDD
CIR safety assessments published on several cosmetic ingredients
EPA pesticide petitions: flazasulfuron, sedaxane and potassium peroxymonosulphate
FDA GRAS status for several food additives


DECOS considers draft carcinogenicity reports
Swedish consensus reports
Nordic Expert Group assesses auditory effects of chemicals in workplace
Toxicity of benzyl chloride and benzylidene chloride summarised in RIVM ERL report
Danish EPA evaluates health risk of mercury vapour from fluorescent lamps
Screening assessments from Health Canada and Environment Canada
Thiophanate-methyl reviewed by APVMA
APVMA reviews potential mode of action (MOA) for atrazine
FSANZ – risk assessment for pullulanase 

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