Volume 50, Number 10

October 2011


FAO/WHO report on bisphenol A (BPA)
SIDS Initial Assessment Profile (SIAP) on organoclays
New OECD guidelines for testing chemical toxicity
OECD guidance on ARfC derivations and dermal absorption


REACH – latest developments
…Proposals for harmonised classification and labelling
…Consultations for substances of very high concern (SVHCs)
…Guidance from ECHA on safety data sheets
…Other REACH items of interest
Creosote – biocide evaluation available from EC Environment
More draft assessment reports on pesticides published by EFSA
EFSA conclusions on metam
Reference values for pesticides under EFSA scrutiny
EFSA gets to grips with non-plastic food-contact materials
Subchronic toxicity of 3-MCPD and its palmitic ester – report submitted to EFSA
Flavouring group assessment from EFSA
EFSA revisits two calcium-containing food additives
Draft EFSA guidance on risk assessment of food and feed from GM animals
Draft and finalised Community herbal monographs released by ‘EMEA’
JRC view on Cramer classification scheme for toxic potential


Phthalates – COT deliberations
COT draft statement on ‘para-occupational’ pesticide exposure and non-cancer toxicity…
…and on FSA phytoestrogens research programme


Draft EPA IRIS reviews on Libby amphibole asbestos (LAA), 1,4-dioxane and n-butanol
ITER risk values for manganese oxide, BDE-209, TCDD and acrylamide
Draft NIOSH criteria standard – occupational exposure to diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione
FDA GRAS status for steviol glycosides and krill oil


Health Canada and Environment Canada assess ‘Challenge’ chemicals
AIST evaluation of bisphenol A (BPA)
DEP under NICNAS scrutiny
NICNAS assesses 2,4-diaminophenoxyethanol sulphate
Health Canada revisits long-chain chlorinated paraffins (LCCPs)
Petroleum sector chemicals evaluated by Environment Canada and Health Canada
Danish EPA takes steps to assess sensitization risk of chromium in footwear
No job too small for Danish EPA – nanoscale review
Genetically modified soybean on FSANZ menu
RIVM evaluates toxicogenomics for carcinogenicity studies

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