Volume 47, Number 9

September 2008



Back issues of six more IARC volumes posted on the web
Proposal to list hexabromocyclododecane under the UNEP POPs programme


Keeping on track for REACH events
…Exemptions under Annexes IV and V of the REACH Regulation
…Bulk pre-registration substances
…Data submission form
…Chemical safety report
…Guidance documents on Annex XIV substances and priority setting for evaluation
…Guidance fact sheets
…Reporting identified uses in IUCLID 5
…Software tool for checking PPORD completeness
…Payment of fees and charges
Proposed regulation on classification, labelling and packaging
EU risk assessment reports (RARs) on nitrobenzene and vinyl acetate
Risk assessment reports on copper and nickel compounds evaluated by SCHER
ECETOC publication on difluoromethane (HFC-32)
SCCP deliberations on cosmetic ingredients and a quantitative risk assessment model
Alternative methods for cosmetic testing – still a long way to go
EFSA conclusions on plant protection products
Assessing impact of pesticides on birds and mammals – EFSA considers approaches
Biocide evaluation available from EC Environment
EFSA opinion on tropane alkaloids in animal feed
EFSA sticks to its guns on bisphenol A
Note for guidance for food-contact materials updated by EFSA
PFOS and PFOA in food – EFSA evaluation
EFSA does its sums on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
Tequila sunset – EFSA amends its opinion on ethyl carbamate and hydrocyanic acid
Safety of dietary aluminium assessed by EFSA
EFSA verdict on lysinates…
…selenium-enriched yeast
…pyridoxal 5′-phosphate
…and camphor
EFSA provides a taste of summer in its assessment of ice structuring protein
An EFSA nod for noni tea
EFSA verdict on fungal oil from Mortierella alpina
GM soybean approved by EFSA
Draft guidance from EFSA on botanicals for use in food supplements
EMEA publications
ECVAM workshop reports


Compendium of Chemical Hazards – series expanded by Health Protection Agency
Carcinogenicity of pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) in food – COC assesses data
ACNFP July deliberations
COC discusses more mixed-up carcinogens in July
OECD Test Guidelines considered by COC 


NTP final technical reports covering formamide and sodium dichromate dihydrate
Background document for riddelliine finalised for NTP RoC
OEHHA draft carcinogenicity review of N,N-dimethylformamide
EPA HPV chemical hazard characterizations and risk prioritizations
Air pollutants – EPA finalises Integrated Science Assessment (ISA) on nitrogen oxides
Public health goals proposed by OEHHA for bromate, lead, pentachlorophenol and trichloroethylene in drinking water
CIR final reports on HC Red No. 7, drometrizole, cocamidopropylamine oxide and denatured alcohols
Annual CIR review
Petitions for pesticide tolerance exemptions filed with the EPA
Pesticide tolerances and tolerance exemptions granted by EPA
EPA issues Reregistration Eligibility Decisions for several pesticide ingredients


Dutch verdict on the reproductive toxicity of aluminium and its compounds
DECOS proposes HBROEL for gamma-butyrolactone
Full Public Reports on new chemicals issued by NICNAS
NICNAS health risk assessment of lead in coatings and inks
BfR – allergies caused by inhaling fragrances?
AIST risk assessments on para-DCB and co-planar PCBs
APVMA assessment of spinetoram
FSANZ safety assessments on cotton lines



Naphthalene cancer risk
Organophosphorus pesticide blend causes congenital malformations in mice
Sweet smell of success for methyl dihydrojasmonate in developmental toxicity study
Non-allergic occupational asthma caused by almond shell dust?
Chamomile tea dust and asthma
Genotoxicity of 4-oxo-2-hexenal
Mutagenicity tests on diacetyl and a perfluoro paper additive
Rebaudioside A – sweet news
Aspartic acid put through its toxicological paces
Paprika colour tested for long-term safety
Heated diacylglycerol oil (DAG) and its triacylglycerol cousin
Pomegranate extract romps home in safety study
A blend of Phellodendron bark and orange peel may help the circulatory system
High-fibre diet during pregnancy might lower preeclampsia risk
Trans-fatty acids and colorectal tumours
Should more mature men munch walnuts?
Take the pressure off with garlic?
Hearty effects of chocolate…
…and its flavonoid-rich friends
Maternal tea and coffee consumption may influence childhood brain tumours
Genotoxicity events – gold medals for the comet and TG assays? 

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