Volume 50, Number 9

September 2011


Findings released from JECFA’s 74th meeting
Background document on uranium for WHO drinking water guidelines
Endocrine disruptors – OECD issues draft review of new test methods
OECD (Q)SAR Application Toolbox Version 2.2 now available


REACH – is the heat on?
…ECHA updates its registered substances database
…Proposals for harmonised classification and labelling
…Other REACH items of interest
EFSA publishes draft assessment report on sedaxane
Conclusion on prochloraz from EFSA
More SCOEL toxicity reviews released
SCCS issues opinions on ingredients in consumer products
Flame retardant safety evaluated by EC
Dietary HBCDDs assessed by EFSA
Materials in contact with food – EFSA considers two further chemicals
Flavouring group evaluations from EFSA
EFSA tastes a barbeque summer
Liquorice extract – all sorts of toxicity data evaluated by EFSA
Genetically modified soybeans on EFSA’s menu
EFSA releases draft guidance on subchronic toxicity testing for whole food/feed
Default assumptions on risk assessment – draft EFSA guidance
Draft EFSA opinion on TTC concept for predicting human health risks
SCCS, SCHER and SCENIHR assess toxicity of mixed up chemicals
Science beneath the surface of EFSA’s skin absorption guidance
IVTIP considers toxicity testing in 21st century
ECVAM evaluates human embryonic stem cells for in vitro toxicity testing
JRC reviews in chemico approach to toxicity prediction


COC Statement on ‘para-occupational’ pesticide exposure and cancer
New studies examined by COC on waste incinerators and cancer incidence
Fumagillin genotoxicity – COM Statement update
Alcohol and cancer burden on COC agenda
ACNFP initial opinions on rooster comb extract…
…phosphated distarch phosphate
…and taxifolin
Parliamentary report on peer-review of scientific publications
FSA considers framework for non peer-reviewed data


IRIS toxicological review on urea finalised by EPA – a story of inadequate data
Carcinogenicity of fluoride and TDCPP considered by OEHHA
OEHHA PHG for hexavalent chromium
CIR final and tentative reports and Scientific Literature Reviews on cosmetic ingredients
FDA GRAS status – more food additives
ICCVAM reviews mouse local lymph node assay (LLNA)
ToxCast evaluated for reproductive toxicity prediction


DECOS HBROEL for grain dust
Dutch Health Council issues draft reports on carcinogenicity and genotoxicity
Cancer risk of nitrosamines assessed by INSPQ
Health Canada plumbs lead’s toxicological profile
Something nasty in the water? Perchlorate evaluated by ANSES
Acrylate ink component assessed by NICNAS
APVMA considers safety of bispyribac sodium up to par
…evaluates azinphos-methyl for fruit and nut cases
…and assesses diuron
Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC) for prenatal development

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