Draft updated OECD Test Guidelines on in vivo genotoxicity testing

…Practical guidance on IUCLID toxicological summaries and DNEL derivation
…Proposal for the harmonised classification and labelling of diisohexyl phthalate (DIHP)
…Other items of interest
EFSA guidance on application requirements for food additive evaluations
Tolerable upper intake levels (ULs) derived by EFSA
EFSA opinion on dihydrocapsiate (DHC)
EFSA re-evaluates two smoke flavourings
EFSA releases another flavouring group evaluation
Ergot alkaloids subject to evaluation by EFSA
EFSA considers feed use of alpha-amylase…
…chemical group 23
…and bentonites
EFSA opinions on chemicals in food contact materials
EFSA (PRAReR) conclusions on pesticides
EFSA draft assessment report (DAR) addendums
EFSA approach for dietary risk assessment of pesticide metabolites
EFSA evaluates reference values for pesticides
SCCS opinion on Tetrabromophenol Blue
SCCS opinion on fragrance allergens in cosmetic products
Barium evaluated by SCHER
In vitro test protocols from ECVAM
2012 progress report released by the SEURAT-1 Research Initiative
New biocides regulation now in force
Margosa extract evaluated by EC Environment
ECETOC technical report on chemical mixture toxicity
DECOS evaluates talc, 1,1,1-trichloroethane and arsenic/inorganic arsenic compounds
Water pollutants assessed by RIVM
ANSES assessments of vinyl chloride and cadmium (and its compounds)


HSE reports on occupational cancer risk burdens in Great Britain


EPA draft framework for human health risk assessment
CIR safety assessments published on several cosmetic ingredients
TCEQ Development Support Documents finalised for arsenic and n-butane
OEHHA considers carcinogenicity of CI Disperse Yellow 3 and


APVMA publishes its findings on carbendazim…
…and carbaryl
…and fluxapyroxad
Genetically modified canola assessed by FSANZ
Assessment of biodiesel from Health Canada

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