JECFA report on food additives

JECFA summary and conclusions on residues of veterinary drugs

JMPR evaluation of pesticide residues



EFSA/ECHA draft guidance on the identification of endocrine disruptors

EC considers the impacts of REACH authorisation

ECHA technical report on alternative test methods


…RAC and SEAC opinions on restriction and authorisation

…Calls for comments on three alkyl phosphates and formaldehyde

…Member State Committee (MSC) deliberations on substances of very high concern (SVHCs)

…Other items of interest

Classification and labelling…

…Proposals for harmonised classification and labelling

…RAC opinions on harmonised classification and labelling

Biocidal Products Regulation…

…Opinions from the Biocidal Products Committee

…Guidance consultation on efficacy assessment

…Updated BPR guidance on human health risk assessment


…Advice on genotoxicity testing

…Summary report on nutrient dietary reference values (DRVs

…Revision of food flavouring group evaluation

…Opinion on the safety of benzophenone and ethyl acrylate as food flavouring

…Evaluation of nisin and three groups of food additive

…Assessment of novel foods

…Opinion on genetically modified maize

…Consideration of animal feed additives

…Assessment reports on seven pesticides

EURL ECVAM status report


…Preliminary evaluation on a quantitative risk assessment model for skin sensitisation

…Opinions on cosmetic ingredients

EMA assessment of herbal medicinal products

DECOS occupational exposure limits for 1,2-dibromoethane and isocyanates

Reproductive effects of DEGME and phenytoin reviewed by DECOS

BfR assessment of magnesium

VKM risk assessments of substances in food supplements




…December meeting

…Statement on potassium-based replacements for sodium chloride and sodium-based additives

…Evaluation of heat-not-burn tobacco products

Public Health England toxicological summary for nitric acid

UK government launches new consumer products organisation




…Toxicology and carcinogenicity reports on antimony trioxide and chitosan

…Investigation into the cancer mechanism of action for formaldehyde

Three new chemicals added to Proposition 65 List

Outcome of the 145th meeting of the CIR Expert Panel

TCEQ issues new Development Support Document (DSD)

US agencies discuss the influence of chemicals on the human microbiome



Canadian screening assessments

NICNAS reports on industrial chemicals