… ECHA newsletter – guest column by bibra scientists

… ECHA reports on progress in the use of alternative methods

… New version of Chesar (2.3) supports SCED-based consumer assessments

… Proposals for harmonised classification and labelling

… RAC opinions on the classification and labelling of seven substances

… Four substances of very high concern (SVHCs) added to ECHA’s “Candidate List”

… Proposed restriction of inorganic ammonium salts and bisphenol A (BPA)

… ECHA committees agree on proposals for restriction and authorisation

… Other items of interest

Biocidal Products Regulation

… Three transitional guidance documents published by ECHA

… ECHA launches R4BP 3.1.2 for biocides submissions

… Public consultations on potential candidates for substitution

Toxtree updated

ANSES guidance on health risk assessment of reproductive toxins/endocrine disruptors

… and toxicological profiles of five such candidate chemicals

More flavouring group evaluations from EFSA

EFSA considers allergenic foods and food ingredients

EFSA evaluates hexamethylene tetramine (HMT)

EFSA assessments of substances used in food-contact materials

EFSA dietary reference values (DRVs) – consideration of chromium(III)

EFSA assesses genetically modified oilseed rape

EFSA assessments of animal feed additives

EFSA concludes on two pesticides

EFSA opinions on ‘basic substance’ applications for sucrose and white willow bark

Herbal product assessments from EMA

SCENIHR finalises its opinion on the safety of nanosilver

Copper and 1,4-dichlorobenzene reviewed by SCOEL


SACN draft report on carbohydrates and health

ACNFP applications for extension of use

COT verdict on HCHs and PFOS in the infant diet



New AEGLs for several airborne chemicals published by NRC (volume 17)

One final and four proposed development support documents (DSDs) from TCEQ

EPA finalises PPRTV documents on azodicarbonamide and guanidine compounds


NICNAS updates Stage One chemicals list

NICNAS issues full public reports

Derquantel registration is considered by APVMA

APVMA report on occupational health and safety of fenthion

Health Canada approves diflufenzopyr-sodium


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