IARC assesses the carcinogenicity of welding, molybdenum trioxide and indium tin oxide

Toxicological monographs from JMPR



New European regulations on medical devices

EURL ECVAM recommendations on the use of non-animal approaches for skin sensitisation testing


…ECHA updates Information on Chemicals portal

…Calls for comments on cyclosiloxanes

…Authorisation applications for the use of two chromium compounds

…Updated guidance on nanomaterials

…Other items of interest

Classification and labelling…

…Update to the CLP regulation

…Proposals for harmonised classification and labelling

…Updated guidance on CLP

Biocidal Products Regulation…

…Opinions from the Biocidal Products Committee

…Union authorisation deadlines for biocides


…Discusses validity of a mouse study on the carcinogenicity of sucralose

…Assesses the risk to public health of tetrodotoxin (TTX) and its analogues

…Issues statement on the safety of EstroG-100TM

…Drafts an opinion on dietary reference values for riboflavin

…Considers health-based guidance values for nivalenol and its metabolite

…Publishes scientific opinion on the use of caffeine and theobromine as food flavourings

…Evaluates the use of sorbitan esters and fatty acids as food additives

…Considers the safety of food enzyme β-amylase

…Evaluates the safety of food enzyme endo-1,4- β-xylanase

…Assesses alginate-konjac-xanthan polysaccharide complex (PGX) as a novel food

…Reports on genetically modified crops

…Assesses the safety of annatto F in pet food

…Publishes rapporteur assessment reports (RARs)

NANoREG framework for the safety assessment of nanomaterials

EC proposes modifications to Cosmetics Regulation regarding o-phenylphenol and its salts

SCCS publishes checklists for applicants submitting dossiers on cosmetic ingredients

EMA issues herbal product assessments


…Highlights the need for further study of food additive E171 (titanium dioxide particles)

…Assesses hydrogen sulphide from decaying seaweed

VKM risk assessments of substances in food supplements



ACNFP to evaluate an application for use of Bonolive®



NTP issues draft toxicology and carcinogenicity reports



APVMA releases a toxicology assessment report on chlorpyrifos

Canadian agencies draft screening report on EDTA and its salts

Health Canada re-evaluates the impact of glyphosate

FSANZ approves use of isomalto-oligosaccharide as a novel food ingredient