Following a period of pilot testing and peer review, WHO has finalised its risk assessment toolkit, designed to provide “road maps” for human health risk assessment. This ‘RA Toolkit’ gives guidance on the identification and characterisation of chemical hazards, and on how to assess exposures to determine whether current levels threaten public health. To provide further assistance, references (including electronic links) are provided to relevant risk assessment documents published by various international organisations. Also included are three case studies (covering cadmium in drinking water, respirable particulate matter and the pesticide methyl parathion), which show how the toolkit may be used.

[World Health Organization (2010). WHO human health risk assessment toolkit: chemical hazards. International Programme on Chemical Safety project on the Harmonization of Approaches to the Assessment of Risk from Exposure to Chemicals. Harmonization Project Document No. 8. Available at online.] {184159}

The above item was taken from the March 2011 issue of Toxicology and Regulatory News which is sent automatically to members of bibra (click here for more details). 

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