Exploring Alternative Methods to Animal Toxicity Testing

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It has been promised for a heck of a long time, but are we now close to an era when a chemical’s toxic potential can be comprehensively defined without exploiting fellow sentient creatures. As well as this obvious ethical gain, alternative test methods to animal testing have the equally attractive potential to reduce the times and costs associated with safety testing.

In Silico Testing for Toxicology Assessment

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Toxicity assessment is a key part of the drug discovery and development process. Many of the tests that use laboratory animals to investigate drug safety are time-consuming, expensive and complicated by ethical concerns. Investigative toxicology strategies have therefore adopted a tiered approach employing in silico and in vitro methods in order to ideally eliminate, or at least reduce, in vivo experimentation. Here, we attempt to give a simplified overview of the complex and multifaceted topic that is in silico toxicology assessment. Strap in and hold on tight…

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