Literature monitoring for various industry sector groups


A number of European chemistry industry trade sector groups.


Organisations representing specific chemical sector groups provide services to their members including keeping them up to date on new scientific literature that may impact on the status of their products. Staying abreast of the literature and any developing (or on-going) areas of concern allows a co-ordinated and proactive response to be taken. Ongoing periodic searches also assist companies with regulatory obligations such as those enshrined under REACH to ensure that registration dossiers remain up-to-date and relevant.

Project Goals

To set up and manage tailored literature-monitoring searches for newly published toxicological studies in ways best suited to the specific requirements of the sector organisation.


Bibra scientists have many years of experience in searching toxicological databases and various search engines for data on chemical hazard and risk. The approach is initially to gain a clear understanding from the sector organisation on the specific requirements in terms of chemicals or chemical groups to be tracked and the frequency of searching and handling of output. Appropriate search strategies have then been devised in the most cost-effective way. Differing approaches can be used to obtain varying outputs from ongoing daily alerts to e.g. quarterly or six-monthly searches. Results again can be formatted to the requirements of the client – ongoing projects involve provision of bibliographic details in the form of a spreadsheet report, or addition (and indexing) directly into the clients own Extranet. Copies of any relevant papers are sourced by bibra for our various clients.

Project Outcome

Bibra successfully provide a number of clients with on-going and highly valuable literature-tracking services, enabling them to keep abreast of new toxicological developments.

Project Leaders

Beth O’Connell
Tanya Diver
Tracy Laughland


Literature searching

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